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7-days Cruise to swim with dolphins

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Swimming with Dolphins is…

A journey towards home,

A journey to find again YOUR CONNECTION with the Whole.

A journey to meet Dolphins, which brings you back in CONTACT with your deepest essence.

A journey to discover that you have inside yourself EVERYTHING you need to live marvelously your life, right now!

An opportunity to go through the Presence, to be HERE AND NOW, thus you can hear what eludes us in the din of the mind!

A journey outside ourselves, to go back completely INSIDE ourselves.

With Meditation, Reiki and daily Workshops we are going to go through the Creation of a new Life in line with what we Are!

Embracing ourselves! Completely!!!

This and much more was for us and everyone who made the leap and was driven by the Dolphins.


31th Aug – 7th Sep – STEP BY STEP




The FIRST STEP which will be the start of your journey, it will be the departure from your city.

Tell us where you live and we will find for you the closest DIRECT FLY





You have to be in Marsa Alam within the evening of 31th Aug, because 1th Sep we are going to get the boat to get to the DOLPHINS BAY (Sataya Reef), in the morning.






Once landed, you will find us waiting for you: Noemi, Andrea, together with Stella and Haitham.

We will get you to the departing harbour, Hamata, to the South of Egypt, to the Red Sea.

From the harbour we will begin sailing to get to Sataya, the wonderful Dolphins lagoon.


There, each day of the week, three times daily, we will swim with Them, deeply entering in communication and empathy.

We will learn to understand and relate with Them.


We will do everything moving with rubber dinghys within the Lagoon and doing snorkeling. (There is the possibility to do these activities with the life jacket, if someone is not capable of swimming).


We will getting up at Dawn and reawakening our bodies with some Yoga exercise, before entering in the water with the Dolphins.


The morning event is the best moment to meet them: there are not many people and the Dolphins are very relaxed. After they spent the night in the open sea to eat, they return inside the lagoon to rest, relax and meet the Man and interact with him.


The second event is before lunch and the third one is at about three p.m. (or four p.m., depending on the period).


Some of these events will be dedicated to see the wonderful Barrier Reef, one of the best in the world, where you can find turtles, mantas, Napoleon fishes and a lot of colourful fishes.


While we will be on board, it will be possible to relax on the two external decks, either sunny or shady, and take part with the Personal Growth activities.




– Wake up at Dawn

– Body awakening and meditation at the sun rising

– First excursion with Dolphins (as soon as we will see them coming in Sataya, after the night)

– Breakfast

– Personal growth activity or relax (in the morning or in the evening alternatively)

– 11.00 a.m. Second excursion with the Dolphins or visit at the wonderful and colourful Reef, inside the Lagoon.

– 12.30 p.m. Lunch

– Relax

–  3.00 p.m. Third excursion with the Dolphins

–  5.00 p.m. Snack

–  6.00 p.m. Personal growth activity

–  8.00 p.m. Dinner

– Relax and… Goodnight!


This is only a proposal program, we will be very flexible, because the place demands it and we will adapt our plans according to the Dolphins willingness to be with us.


Personal Growth activities will be concentrated to Create the Reality which we desire and making our Dreams Real!

Through the state of Being Present which you can naturally access at Sataya with the Dolphins and observing our Reality from the Outside, it will be more simple for Us to understand where are our strong points and where are our blocks to Live exatly as we want! And we will start to do it, really!!!


Throughout the week it will be possible to deepen the internal process through the soul Re-connection Treatments, Reiki Treatments, Atlantis Dolphins Reiki Treatments or Atlantis Dolphins Master Reiki Course (Treatments and Course are discretionary and their payment is extra), held by Stella and Haitham.





The price of the one week cruise is € 1.397


The amount includes:


– Transport from and to Marsa Alam airport

– 7 nights on board on the Yacht, twin room with private toilet

– Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks always available

– Three daily excursions, about two hours each, on rubber dinghy to Swim with the Dolphins

– Daily Meditation, Energetic and Spiritual activities ( for who take an interest in these activities) held by Stella and Haitham.

– Yoga exercises at wake up held by Stella and Haitham

– A Mandala made specifically for you, by Noemi and Andrea, trusting that it will bring you the energy of Sataya and of what you are living, everywhere in the world.

-You will be inserted in a Facebook group that will accompain you from before the departure until the end and beyond the experience, managed by Noemi and Andrea.


The amount does not include:


– The flies to and from Marsa-Alam, individually booked

– Egypt entrance stamp (€25)

– Sataya entrance taxes of € 40 (payment on board)

– Crew tips ( about €30 overall)






First of all, we suggest you booking your fly to reduce its costs and pay a deposit to book a seat on the boat.

The deposit costs €500.

You may pay the remainder in the closeness of the departure.


If you need some help to find the cheapest fly, Noemi and Andrea should help you.

We could assist you to make a decision. Together, we could deal with the blocks that may come to light when you book and assist you to make this jump and come on board with us!

You are a special being and we hope you may feel how real and concrete can be the change and the happyness.

We will be there for you, until the end of this experience and beyond, sharing the beauty and the changes you will reach in your life.

At the end of the journey, you will receive your personal Mandala made just for you. Once you will have given the deposit, you will be insert in a Facebook group where we will start to prepare to this experience and, after the voyage, you may continue sharing what you feel together with the other partecipants.




-First step: book the fly!

-Second step: deposit the down payment!

-Third step: meet on the Facebook group, where we can prepare everything we will need!

-Fourth step: settle the payment of the cruise.

-Fifth step: depart together!!!!!!



Postscript. Every Personal growth activity is elective. You may partecipate only to meet the Dolphins and swim with them!

Let us know if you have any question.


Whatsapp (+39 3479939965)

Email: info@networkpsicologiacreativa.com

Noemi and Andrea.



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